Why us?

Because we love aviation as much as you do!

Satisfied customers are happy customers, so if you think, we can improve - pls let us know.

Always happy landings and enjoy shopping.

Sustainable is better

We are only a relatively small store, but even small stores can contribute to the environment - you just have to want to!

Environmental protection:

We receive many packages with goods etc. These empty cartons are reused depending on their condition to send packages to our customers. A small contribution in favor of the environment. Why directly to the waste paper? We hope you see it the same way.

We operate our business premises with 100% green electricity from renewable sources.
We always send parcels with DHL CO2 neutral "go Green".
Our online store is hosted CO2-neutral at Domain Factory.
We avoid using plastic bubble wrap for packaging where possible, but use cardboard or reuse preserved bubble wrap instead.

As of Q1 2022, we are replacing our bubble wrap with a new system:
AirWave ClimaFilm bubble wrap from FLÖTER: a climate-neutral film with no CO2 impact:
  •     100% climate neutral
  •     100% recycled material (70% from end-user disposal channels)
  •     Made in Germany

Since the 4th quarter of 2020 we replaced our PVC packing tape with paper packing tape.
We drive our company car CO2 neutral, because our vehicle completely compensates its CO2 emissions since 2018.
In the next step we also compensate all private CO2 emissions via Atmosfair since December 2021.

If you shop with us, you support our green way!