Voucher and Gift Certificates
You need to be logged in to your account. You can´t use a discount or gift voucher without an account.

Once you have a credit you can use this to pay your order. During the ordering process you have the possibility to redeem your credit balance. If the credit is below the value of the goods, then choose a second payment method. If your credit balance exceeds the value of the goods, the rest of the credit is of course available to you for your next order.

Gift Vouchers
If you received a voucher by e-mail or have a code, you can use the amount as follows :
1. Click on the link in the e-mail. Log into your account or setup a free account.
2. Click Shopping Cart, enter the code in the box and discount will be deducted at the end of the order
3. You may need to re-fill the basket, but the discount will be saved and displayed at checkout

In case of problems:
Please contact us via email: info@crewshop24.com. Please describe exactly the problem, important information is: Your customer number, the coupon code, error messages of the system and the browser you use.